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In addition to utilizing our beautiful office, we can supervise your visitation in a range of locations to meet your individual needs, provided the location is safe and secure for all parties. We have supervised visits in parks, beaches, malls, restaurants, private homes, and more. 


Our rates are consistent with the industry standard. We accept cash, credit, and debit cards. Please feel free to call, text, or email so we can get started.

*Additional fees for court appearances and reports*
**Premium rate applies to visitation on some holidays**

Visitation offers opportunities for children to heal and cope with the separation from their family. Research shows consistent visits increase the likelihood of successful reunification, reduce children’s time in placement, and promote healthy, secure attachments.

Visits with your children are your legal right, unless there is a court order stating that you may not visit. Your social worker will help you work out a visitation plan. Regular visitation is a very important part of your case plan. You will be asked to participate in Child and Family Team Meetings (CFTMs). These CFTMs are a good place to discuss visitation plans, what is working well and any concerns.

We accept private pay or private insurance clients that are referred from the court, family law, and Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS). 


There are more than 315,000 people, including one in five children who are at risk of hunger each month.

Most of the hungry are the working poor who are trying their best to provide food for their families, or seniors on fixed incomes who simply cannot make ends meet. With sky-high rents, rising medical costs, and lingering under-employment too many of our neighbors are forced to make hard choices between food and paying the rent or buying the medicine they need.

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Our Plan is to open a SOS Shelter in San Bernardino and Riverside County in 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Our plan is to obtain and secure Government and private funding so that we may be able to continue helping assist more people and end the homeless cycle in our communities. S.O.S staff, volunteers and families have donated thousands of dollars and hours of their time for the past 20 years to make a difference and we would like to see the vision grow and come to pass. We need your help as a community to help us in securing emergency and permanent housing with services. We will begin our campaign this year is to build a 50 bed-facility and day carecenter. In the mean while we will use our homes in the local community to help families as much as possible while assisting the individuals and families to resources in their communities.


Crisis Hotline Support
Available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

Children's Programs
Provides therapeutic preschool and Childrens Club and a therapeutic after school program for Shelter residents.

 Counseling & Resource Center
Provides counseling, education and domestic violence information and resources.

Legal Services
Provides assistance with restraining orders, court support and monthly legal clinic for free attorney consultations.

Provides community education, prevention education and healthy dating solutions.

Transitional Program
Provides transitional housing to clients of “Restoration Ranch” Emergency Shelter to extend the amount of time necessary in most cases for clients to work towards overall stability and goal-oriented planning in their lives.

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